The subject of these Regulations is to regulate the terms and conditions of online sales of Goods offered through online store. online store sells Goods in Poland and Europe via the Internet at


  1. Seller- Owner of online store as well as personal data administrator: Anywear Patryk Brdej NIP: 7343465506, REGON: 523062329.
  2. Buyer – a natural person, legal entity or organizational unit without legal personality, having an e-mail account and having legal subjectivity authorizing to perform legal actions in accordance with the law.
  3. Consumer – any natural person purchasing Goods from store within the meaning of Art. 22¹ of the Civil Code. Liability under the warranty for physical and legal defects of the Goods is excluded, with respect to persons and entities engaged in business (entrepreneurs).
  4. Order – a declaration of will of the Buyer, made by means of an order form, available on website and aiming directly at concluding with the Seller a contract of sale of Goods at a distance.
  5. Merchandise – textile products for sale placed on the website of online store
  6. Placing an order through online store is possible each time only after the Buyer accepts simultaneously the provisions of these Regulations and the Information Clause on personal data processing.


  1. A prerequisite for placing and processing an order through online store is that the buyer must create an account on the website of . Creating an account in anywear store by the buyer requires providing the following personal information: name, surname, home address, telephone number and e-mail address. By ordering the Goods, the Buyer confirms the accuracy of the data provided by him.
  2. The contract with the Buyer for the establishment of an Account in the Store is concluded for an indefinite period of time.
  3. The Buyer may at any time terminate the contract for establishing an Account in online store by sending a notice of termination to the Seller’s address referred to in paragraph. 1 DEFINITIONS AND GENERAL PROVISIONS or by e-mail to: The Agreement will be terminated upon receipt of the Seller’s notice, following which the Buyer’s account on the website will be immediately deleted.
  4. The seller may terminate the contract for creating an account in the online store only in the following situations:
  • termination by the Seller of the operation of the Store,
  • provision of information of an unlawful nature by the Buyer in the registration form or the Order form. In the case indicated in paragraph. 4 of the Terms and Conditions, the agreement to establish an Account in the Store will be terminated at the end of a one-week notice period.
  1. Each Order, immediately after its submission, is confirmed by , by e-mail to the address provided by the Buyer at the time of creating an account in store.
  2. Product information posted on store is an invitation to conclude a contract within the meaning of art. 71 c.c.
  3. The Seller makes every effort to ensure that photos of the Goods (in particular, their size and color ), posted on the website of , as accurately as possible reflect their appearance in reality.
  4. In case of unavailability of the Goods, the Buyer will be informed by the Seller about the situation by e-mail, to the address provided by the Buyer at the time of creating an account in store and has the right to choose one of the following options:
  • cancellation of a submitted Order
  • Agreeing to extend the execution time of the Order by the number of days specified by the Seller,
  • Partial completion of the Order and refund of payment for the uncompleted part of the Order .
  1. After selecting one of the options referred to in paragraph. 5 above, the Buyer shall promptly send a return email to the Seller.
  2. An order may be canceled by the Buyer no later than 24 hours after the Buyer receives an e-mail from the Seller about the unavailability of the Goods.
  3. If the Buyer chooses the option referred to in paragraph. 8 item 3 above, the refund of payment for the unfulfilled part of the Order will be made within 14 working days after the Seller receives a return e-mail from the Buyer, to the bank account number from which the Order was paid by the Buyer.
  4. All prices of the Goods are expressed in Polish zloty and include VAT. Prices quoted do not include shipping costs of the Goods.
  5. The Seller reserves the right to change prices of the Goods and shipping prices, to introduce and remove Goods from the offer, and to introduce and cancel promotional actions.


  1. Payment for the Order placed is made by online transfer to the Seller’s bank account, through the payment service Przelewy24.
  2. The Goods will be shipped to the Buyer within a maximum of 7 working days from the date of crediting the Seller’s account with the payment for the Order placed by the Buyer.
  3. The Goods will be shipped to the Buyer via In Post parcel or courier, depending on the option selected by the Buyer at the time of placing the Order for the Goods.
  4. The shipping cost of the Goods shall be paid by the Buyer and shall depend on the choice of the form of delivery when placing an Order for the Goods.
  5. Along with the Goods, a fiscal receipt or, at the request of the Buyer (if such option is selected when placing the Order), a VAT invoice is provided.


  1. The buyer may withdraw from the contract of sale concluded at a distance, without giving any reason within 14 days from the date of receipt of the purchased Goods. To do this, send a statement of withdrawal from the purchase-sale agreement on the appropriate form (a sample sample statement of withdrawal from the purchase-sale agreement can be found on the website in the REGULATIONS tab) or a statement of withdrawal from the purchase-sale agreement written by hand (with the name and surname of the Buyer, the Buyer’s residential address, the order number and the bank account number to which the refund is to be made), to the address: ul.OSTRÓDZKA 98E , 03-289 Warsaw.
  2. At the same time as sending the form on withdrawal from the purchase contract. The Buyer should send back the purchased Goods together with the proof of purchase (fiscal receipt or VAT invoice), to the address referred to in paragraph. 1.
  3. Reimbursement of the purchase costs of the Goods (i.e. the purchase price and the shipping costs of the Goods to the Buyer up to the amount corresponding to the cheapest shipping option included in the Goods’ sales offer) shall be made only to the Buyer’s bank account, within no more than 14 working days from the date of receipt of the Goods by the Seller together with a statement of withdrawal from the purchase contract.
  4. The cost of return shipment of the Goods to the Seller shall be paid by the Buyer, as the party withdrawing from the contract.
  5. The online store does not accept return shipments sent at the addressee’s expense or COD.
  6. The Buyer shall be liable for any diminution in the value of the returned Goods resulting from the use of the Goods other than what was necessary to ascertain their nature, characteristics and functioning.
  7. The Buyer, with the Seller’s consent, may also exchange the Goods for other Goods within 14 days of receipt. In this case, the Buyer should contact the Seller via e-mail address:
  8. When exchanging Goods, the Seller shall take into account any difference in the price of the Goods exchanged and the Goods for which the exchange is made. The difference in price of the aforementioned. Goods shall be returned to the account of the Buyer or credited to the account of the Seller within 7 working days after receipt by the Seller of the return shipment containing the replaced Goods. Shipping costs of the Goods when replacing the Goods shall be borne by the Buyer.


  1. The Seller informs that it is obliged to deliver the Goods free of physical defects and legal defects and provides the Buyer with a 24-month warranty for the purchased Goods.
  2. The complaint should be submitted in writing on the form, to the address of the Seller, indicated in paragraph. 1 DEFINITIONS AND GENERAL PROVISIONS or by email to the following email address: . A sample sample claim form can be found on under the REGULATIONS tab
  3. In the complaint notification, the following data of the Buyer should be provided: name, surname, address of residence, telephone number, number of the Order and description of the event giving rise to the complaint, selected type of request of the Buyer in connection with damage or defect of the Goods (replacement of the Goods, repair of the Goods, refund of the purchase price of the Goods complained of) and attach proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice – in electronic or printed form, depending on the method of filing the complaint notification), as well as the bank account number for reimbursement of the purchase price of the Goods complained of (when this option is selected by the Buyer).
  4. Complaints are processed within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint by the Seller.
  5. The Buyer will be informed by the Seller about accepting or rejecting the complaint by e-mail to the address provided at the time of submitting the Order at online store
  6. If the complaint of the Goods is accepted, the Buyer may request repair of the Goods or replacement of the Goods with Goods free of defects. If repair of the Goods or their replacement with Goods free of defects will be impossible or will involve excessive costs or would expose the Buyer to significant inconvenience, the Buyer may withdraw from the purchase contract – then the Buyer will receive a refund for the purchase of the advertised Goods.
  7. The Buyer may also demand an appropriate reduction in the price of the advertised Goods in the event that his complaint is accepted, and if its non-compliance with the contract of sale of the Goods is insignificant.
  8. Shipping costs of the Goods in the complaint procedure are paid by the Seller.
  9. If the complaint is not accepted, the Goods will be sent back to the Buyer with an opinion as to the unjustifiedness of the complaint.


  1. All text information and images of Goods posted on online store are protected by copyright.
  2. The provisions of the Act of March 2, 2000 do not apply to Buyers other than Consumers. On the protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products and the Act of July 27, 2002. On specific terms of consumer sales and amendments to the Civil Code, in particular the provisions on the right of withdrawal from the contract of sale and rights for non-conformity of the Goods with the contract.
  3. All trademarks and brand names posted by store are used for informational and advertising purposes only and remain the property of their creators.
  4. Failure to accept the provisions of these Regulations through the website prevents the purchase of Goods offered by the Seller. The buyer has the opportunity to read the Terms and Conditions when placing an order and at any time through the store website under the REGULATIONS tab . Buyers with their own account in online store will be informed about the change of Terms and Conditions via e-mail. A buyer who does not accept the changes introduced in the Regulations has the right to delete his account in the online store sklep at any time.
  5. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and other laws shall apply.
  6. The Seller is not responsible for the blocking by mail server administrators of the transmission of messages to the e-mail address indicated by the Buyer, and for the deletion and blocking of e-mail messages by software installed on the computer used by the Buyer;
  7. To the extent permitted by law, the Seller is not responsible for disruptions, including interruptions, in the operation of online store , caused by force majeure, unauthorized actions of third parties or incompatibility of online store with the technical infrastructure of the Buyer.
  8. The regulations shall come into force on 20.09.2022. With effect from 20.09.2022.